About - DrinkingBuddy


We wanted to take on some new ideas with Drinking Buddy to personalize a positive drinking experience in combination with our other products. In a journey to contribute to humanity, we stumbled across an area that we thought we could expand a little further. We began hiding our stainless steel flasks within our bookshelves, and then realized we can take our visual design even further to broaden the journey we began at HollowBookCo.

We were simply blown away from all the love and feedback we got from others here. We appreciate hearing great things from everyone. It's great to hear from the people we design for. The response has been simply amazing! It's motivated us more and kept us happy and warm in our workshop.

Drinking Buddy allows us to focus on celebration, and bridging friendships and relationships through our designs. We hope and look forward in hearing from you.

♥ Thanks for dropping by!

- Jin and Richie

Your stainless steel flask is specially design to carry alcoholic drinks. It should not be used for beverages with an acid content, such as fruit juices and cordials. The flask will provide years of pleasure if you follow a few simple rules:
1. Rinse the inside with clean, soapy water before filling the flask for the first time.
2. Always empty the flask after use and rinse thoroughly before refilling
3. Do not keep alcohol in the flask longer than a period of 3 days. Refill only when you are about to use the flask.


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