The party before the party. If there's going to be an occasion worth celebrating, the "Pre-Party" is one of the best ways to start. Regardless of the occasion whether it be a wedding, show, concert, or even another bigger party. Warming up the engines may ease some of the tension, calm those nerves before the main event. Brewing the excitement ahead of time sparks the long journey of making it to the show. You might be surprised who shows up, already to jam! Calm down, be cool, it's not time, but if folks are bursting out the seams with uncontrollable urges to make it to the target destination ahead of time, before the start, then the pre-party has done its job. 

One of the great parts about the "party-before-the-party", according to the many pre-parties I can recall is you get all the fuss out of the way, and you leave them at the door before you leave. Sets the tone and the mood, for hopefully one of the most spectacular nights you'll never forget, for as long as you live. Ok now, so where is the main party going to be again?