Discount Party Packages are available... We put together a couple of value packages to make your event or  occasion more awesome with some special saving deals. Choose a package  that works for you, select your flasks, and at checkout, use its coupon  code to get your discount.  

The Red Ruby (buy 3 or 4 flasks) Save 10% → use coupon: WILDCHERRY  

The Silver Bullet (buy 5 or 6 flasks) Save 15% → use coupon: QUICKSILVER  

The Gold Rush (buy 7 or 8 flasks) Save 20% → use coupon: GOLDMINE  

The Blue Diamond  (buy 9 or more flasks) Save 25% → use coupon: COGNACDIAMOND  

Flask in a hollow book  

Designed, assembled and shipped from New York.